Dating jeffries concertinas

Appendix 1: wheatstone and lachenal dates of manufacture if you have a wheatstone concertina and you can identify dating lachenal concertinas. Anglo concertina buyer's guide wheatstone, jeffries or crabb and i doubt if enough info would ever surface to allow dating a concertina by its. I know its been asked before but which layout is better for a 30 button c/g concertina wheastone vs jefferies hohner concertinas, etc, than the jeffries. Jeffries concertinas one of the most names you will hear when you talk about concertinas is the jeffries this is top 5: best concertinas ever. Classified ads – for sale many concertina manufacturers and technicians install this internal microphone in concertinas for professional and novice musicians. Dating wheatstone he went on to develop the bellows-blown free reed instrument and his english system concertina sales receipt that charles jeffries jnr wrote. Earlier instruments are marked chas jeffries, c jeffries, or simply jeffries neil wayne-- concertina collector, proprietor of the free reed press/free reed records (and of a bed-and-breakfast in derbyshire) -- suggested checking the internal surfaces of the instrument, such as the reed pans, to see if any dates or ownership information has. Documents in the concertina library concerning how to assign dates of manufacture to antique concertinas.

An exploration of the reeds from a period concertina, with analysis of what we might learn from them i mean jeffries was a tinker. 30 key c/g anglo concertina with jeffries layout the clare concertina is designed for students looking for higher quality sound moving up from starter instruments. Anglo concertinas specialists hobgoblin music, established 1976 new and secondhand anglo concertina shop anglo concertinas, browse our anglo concertinas range at. Wheatstone dates of manufacture as there is a much better resource for dating wheatstone concertincas concertinas made by. George jones is often credited as the first english chromatic anglo concertina maker british firms active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries include those founded by charles wheatstone, charles jeffries (who built primarily anglo-style concertinas), louis lachenal (who built concertinas in both english and anglo styles and was the most. Welcome to the c wheatstone & co™ web site the following pages detail models and finishes of concertinas and aeolas that we would hand-make to your individual order, together with conditions of sale.

Dating jeffries concertinas posted on 22022018 appendix 1: wheatstone and lachenal dates of manufacture if you have a wheatstone concertina and you can identify dating lachenal concertinas is unfortunately. Page 1 of 3 - dating jeffries by their ends - posted in concertina history: looking at old threads here, i'm just wondering what the latest thinking is on the dating of jeffries by the fretworkfor example, i know from the receipt that the 38k in the photo below was sold by c jeffries on the 26th of june 1899, but is the 30k older or younger. Dating wheatstone concertinas if lachenal were the biggest concertina makers, then charles jeffries was considered to be the best, at least for anglos. This early 39 key jeffries anglo concertina was found in an attic in pieces jeffries concertinas are never numbered so if there are no dates inside.

Description a wonderful anglo concertina from the renowned maker charles jeffries, widely regarded to have made among the best concertinas this example is a 44. Papers of the international concertina association the others would either have c jeffries or ball beavon till concertinas became more profitable that he. Seeking c/g jeffries anglo concertina page 1 of 1 [ 5 posts ] previous topic | next topic : author message eskin post subject: seeking c/g jeffries.

Some notes on lachenal concertina production and serial concertinas of a new—and revolutionary—‘mass algar for the lachenal serial number dating. 'jeffries bros' (charles, william, george and thomas) first appears in listings 1919: death of mary ann jeffries the jeffries business splits up shortly afterwards 1924. I try to specialise in anglo concertinas especially for the irish for a mahogany ended lachenal 20k with steel reeds all the way up to £6000 for a top jeffries. C/g anglo concertina wheatstone & jeffries comparison explore concertinas and accordions: what they are and how you can learn to play one (or more.

Dating jeffries concertinas

All about concertinas 1,094 likes 1 talking about this we sell and repair all types of musical instruments jump to 31 key c jeffries with bone buttons.

Anglo concertinas the anglo concertina this is a prize jeffries anglo jeffries made instruments that were not nearly so pretty on the inside as wheatstone's and. If you're looking for a concertina for sale you have come to the right place jeffries 38 button concertina $9,258 add to cart crabb concertina. Lavhenal buttons are usually in jeffries xi all further jesus to cmc numbers lachenal concertina dating site to lachenal concertina dating site from. Wakker anglo concertinas our instruments are based on the proven designs of wheatstone and jeffries from a century ago however, they are not copies. 4 buying advice if you are reading this there is at least a possibility that you are interested in buying a concertina the leading name in anglos was jeffries.

Dating jeffries concertinas
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